Apprenticeship 2025 event specialist EFZ

What does an event specialist EFZ do?

Events professionals are responsible for the technical aspects of theater and opera performances, television and video productions, as well as events and trade fairs. Behind the scenes, they ensure that concerts, trade fairs and shows run smoothly. At these events and productions, they are the experts for setting up and dismantling as well as setting up and operating the technology: lighting technology, sound technology, video technology, stage construction, media integration and special effects.

According to the plans, event specialists set up technical systems for lighting, sound or image. For example, you choose the spotlights and loudspeakers that are suitable for the spatial conditions. They wire the individual components of the system, supply them with electricity and test the system.

Another task of event professionals is the use of special effects such as smoke or fog. They know the effects and can judge when specialists need to be consulted.

Job Requirements

  • Compulsory school completed with medium or high requirements
  • Technical understanding
  • Good physical condition
  • No fear of heights
  • Organizational skills
  • distinctive team skills

If you are looking for an apprenticeship for August 2025 as an event specialist EFZ, then send all your documents to